Primaplus helps organizations to formulate strategy, then properly structure and disseminate it throughout the organization. Often involves experimenting with the use of different strategy maps and strategic frameworks.

We know every business is unique. Unlike other strategy platforms, we don’t limit you to
specific models or methodologies

Identify & Organize

Structure and build your strategic plan to fit with your goals, your team and your organization without restrictions.

Key Challenges

With such a large and complicated federated structure, USYD were looking for a solution that would help keep them focused on their strategic vision, whilst retaining empowerment for faculties and schools.

With various reporting requirements around their strategy and a matrix of committees and governance – USYD needed a simple way of updating goals once, but have those updates reflect in multiple places.

Biggest Wins

USYD’s ambitious strategy centers on the focus areas of Education, Research & Culture. Cascade allowed them to create multiple sub-plans at a faculty & school level which then linked back to the main university strategy. This provided empowerment and autonomy (hence driving engagement) whilst ensuring that all initiatives and projects remained aligned to the ultimate goals of the university.

They were also able to automate their reporting to the various committees & regulatory bodies from a single-source-of-truth.

Balancing Empowerment with Centralization

Running a university with 50,000 students is tricky business. When you add an ambitious growth plan to the mix, as well as time-poor academics and administrators – driving cohesion and alignment becomes even more difficult.

The University of Sydney’s strategic plan required them to bring key faculties together under a single strategic plan, but without compromising the spirit of autonomy with which each faculty operated.

Before they implemented Cascade, they knew that a lot of work was happening around aspects of the strategy – but had no way to link it together or get insight into what different faculties were doing.

Previously, everyone was doing lots of work and lots of really great stuff. But it was all in their heads, or on emails or even Excels. No-one really knew what each other was working on. They knew there was a lot going on, but they couldn’t really see how it was contributing to the strategy.

Katy McEwan – Senior Project Officer (Business School)

5 Key Benefits

Unified Repository = Single Source of Truth

Unified Repository = Single Source of Truth

Infinnium’s suite of advanced technologies provides your organization with unprecedented and unparalleled visibility into enterprise data. We seamlessly integrate data from structured & unstructured data sources to make all enterprise data visible in a single unified repository.

Superior Information Governance & end-to-end Data control

Superior Information Governance & end-to-end Data control

We introduce artificial intelligence into the system to gain control over the data. We do this, first by intelligent organization – so you “ know what you have”– then, through actions that support classification, retrieval, deletion, or protection of data. This modern information governance capability empowers your organization to apply policy and process, identify and mitigate risk at mass scale and in realtime.

Create an Effective & Efficient Compliance Program

Create an Effective & Efficient Compliance Program

Infinnium resolves your information dilemma and creates an effective compliance program that helps you meet regulations with unmatched efficiency.

Reduce Time, Save on Costs

Reduce Time, Save on Costs

The advanced technologies of Infinnium help your organization dramatically reduce the time and costs spent executing risk and compliance related tasks.



Information governance strategy is business strategy. Infinnium enables your organization to implement sophisticated, modern information governance policies and processes while enabling business goals. Proactively protect revenue and your corporate reputation, without disrupting the growth of your business. This is how data should work.

Drive continuous improvement across your business and Effectively manage your punch lists.Schedule your demo here and decide for yourself.

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