Use Case

Use Case – 1.

Mr X is the CEO of a company called ABC. ABC has business verticals in multiple fields. These business verticals are engaged in different business areas ranging from Manufacturing to Service to hospitality.

Mr X, is regularly facing challenges in getting updated business reports and dashboard, first in a timely fashion, and secondly, getting in a variety of ways (different templates) from all Group Presidents. The delay leads to lack of right information for making decisions. The worst part is, he is not able to judge the gap between results vs business plans. Now he has put a team to collate data from all business areas so that he gets information faster. Also he is planning to have a Quarterly Business Plan review meeting now.


Use case – 2.

Mr Y is the MD of a company Called Galaxy Corp. He has 8 functional heads at Vice President level, and they are managing different functions in his company. It is very difficult for him to get the monthly reports and dashboard on time, also the presentation templates used by them are not consistent and not clearly mapped with respect to the business plan. Everytime he has to pull out the Strategy Document and Business plan to understand the gap.

He has kept a team under him to get reports in advance and collate in a common template for easy understanding. Another problem is that he is not able to see the previous reports and comparison on a regular basis which is important for him for making the report for the Board meeting.

Use Case – 3.

Frank is Business controller reporting to a Group President in a large corporate. His job is to collect reports, data and progress of key measurables or KPIs and then summarise and prepare the Management dashboards/ report for Management Reviews.

But he is one of the most frustrated employees, reason, every month, 4/ 5 days are a nightmare for him chasing people/ departments for reports…he spends sleepless nights in compilation, drafting, aligning templates etc etc…moreover he has to make multiple telephone calls and sending sms? The worse, sometimes people submit reports and details at the last minute that is a sure recipe for errors and mistakes.


Use case -4.

Mr D is the CEO of a company and he does management reviews every month wherein he calls his senior management team and spends the whole day for business review. He is very clear about business results but at the same time he is very particular about the papers presented to him. The formating and the template. For many years he has been asking the team to standardise and follow a common practice but everytime he has a struggle.

The other problem for him is, he doesnt find a good action plan for items which are not on track or say in the Red or Yellow category and not green. Unless the recovery plan is there, things will not be green. The paper does not clearly fix accountability. Another problem he finds is, there is no clear relationship between the action plan and the KPIs.

Use Case -5.

Peter is General Manager in a construction company. He has a staff of 450 people under them there are about 2500 construction workers and contractual people work. His staff team has Senior Manger, Managers and Supervisors

He has to monitor the project cost and execution status regularly from different locations.
Beside progress of the project, he has to ensure that all construction sites remain safe and no safety incident happens or reported. Also he has to ensure Quality standards in every step.
In a way he has many KPIs to manage with his team.

To manage his business area, he has allocated work as well as KPI targets for his team for Cost, Delivery, Safety, Quality ect.

The problem is, he is not able to fix clear accountability in his team, there are reasons and excuses which always impact the business KPI’s. Most of the time he feels some of them are aware of KPI’s and they have a way to manage, but the rest remain confused or don’t have control.


Use Case -6

Maria is a junior staff member, her job is to compile the business plan report for his boss every Quarter. His Boss is VP in Sales and Marketing, and he has to submit this Quarterly report to his boss and to the board.

She hates this work; reason; he has to take thousands of print outs, formatting, formatting and formatting, hundreds of phone calls and chasing over mails…then filing, copying etc etc.
Many managers come with last minute changes and requests for replacing the document. The entire week prior to submission date, keeps her engaged and throughout the days.. She always wonders why her company doesn’t make an attempt to make a simple system if it is so important for the organization?

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