Who We Are

Founded by a team of seasoned business professionals, data scientists and technologists, Primaplus is built on a culture of creativity and offers a platform for people to realize their true potential

Our Mission

is to redefine the way organizations use data to generate actionable intelligence and empower smarter decision-making.

Our Goal

Is to foster imagination and innovation in developing new technologies

Our Strategy

Is to incorporate the human element into modern technologies including AI and deep learning, combining the power of people and technology for optimum outcomes

Our Passion

Is developing sophisticated, yet simplified solutions that empower organizations to make smarter business decisions

Our Values

Is fostering a culture of kindness, belonging and respect, we reward hard work and ingenuity to motivate our team as they push the limits in designing new solutions for today’s data management challenges

Using next generation technology, our experts develop practical solutions that empower organizations to use their data to gain meaningful and actionable intelligence.

Meet Our People

Drive continuous improvement across your business and Effectively manage your punch lists.
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Studio Brooklyn

1404 New York Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11210

[email protected]

+49 555 123 456

Studio Berlin

Musterstr. 44
54123 Berlin

[email protected]

+49 555 123 457


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