PrimaPlus is a visual strategy development and execution software. It helps organisations to formulate strategy, then properly structure and disseminate it throughout the organization. Often involves experimenting with the use of different strategy maps and strategic frameworks, in order to find out what works best for each individual organisation.

With PrimaPlus, you can be confident that your organisation’s strategy has been properly formulated, structured and disseminated throughout the company. We help you to turn your vision into reality by encouraging collaboration between all levels of management and in all areas of the business.

Bridge the gap between your vision and reality.

4 Key Benefits

Plan your way without restriction

Plan your way without restriction

We know every business is unique. Unlike other strategy platforms, we don’t limit you to specific models or methodologies. Structure and build your strategic plan to fit with your goals, your team and your organization without restrictions.

Explore your strategy

Explore your strategy

Unique data visualizations and reports show measurably how engaged and aligned your organization is with your strategy. Connections between your goals show an interactive visualisation allowing you to see your strategy and identify potential issues of alignment.

Engage teams like never before

Engage teams like never before

Cascade’s built-in notifications and dashboards inform you about important activity on any goals. You can also configure automated reminders to your team to update their goals on the schedule you require.

Collaborate with team mates to drive maximum engagement

Collaborate with team mates to drive maximum engagement

Add users, assign goals and work collaboratively with real-time updates, audit logs etc. Create different plans for different teams as needed.


Industries We Serve

An industry-agnostic strategic plan for Health & Safety including objectives, projects, KPIs & dashboards.

A holistic strategic tool for Retail industries to reach targeted outcomes, influence consumers and drive revenue.

A universal Customer Service Strategy that provides measurable values to track progress on objectives.

A Finance Strategy plan facilitates allocating and distributing financial resources to meet current and future strategic objectives.

A change management strategy can support an organization respond to the change around it and minimize the negative effects.

A Product Management Strategy framework complete with a series of actions, outcomes and measures to assist organisations.


We make life easier. With Primaplus Strategy Software, you can transform your organization into a powerful growth machine by providing your teams with clear and consistent strategy execution guidance in their everyday work.  Our mission is to help you create world-class results by accelerating growth, improving business performance and increasing profitability.

Drive continuous improvement across your business and Effectively manage your punch lists.Schedule your demo here and decide for yourself.


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