Galaxy Corp is a $100M company with 8 functional heads at the VP level, who are managing different functions in Galaxy Corp. All these VPs are using different tools to generate their monthly reports and dashboards. Not only this, they also have different presentation templates which make it difficult for Mr. John Doerr, the MD of Galaxy to get the report on time. He has a team under him to collate the reports in one common format so that there is clarity among all VPs and he can easily understand them. The other problem is that Mr. John Doerr needs access to previous reports and comparisons which are important for making reports for Board meetings.


Mr. John Doerr, the MD of Galaxy Corp. is not able to get reports on time and the reporting templates used by them are not consistent and not clearly mapped with respect to the business plan. It’s very difficult for him to make sure that each function is contributing towards meeting overall goals.

Galaxy Corp.’s MD realized that it was extremely difficult for him to get the monthly reports, business plans and dashboard on time because of multiple functional heads involved in managing different aspects of the business. He was also not able to see previous reports and comparisons due to which he is unable to prepare reports in advance for Board meeting. So he created a team under him who would extract data from various systems and collate them into a single report template that would be easily understood by everyone (management as well as board members).


PrimaPlus helped improve Manager’s Efficiency with Standardized Reports and Dashboards.
They now have streamlined Reporting, Dashboard, and Presentation Solution, flexibility and templates saving their time in time creating reports and dashboards, enabling their teams to spend more time applying their expertise.

Monthly Management Reporting and Dashboard for a CEO is available via PrimaPlus The information flow from different important business functions is moving from automated spreadsheet based reporting to unified and smooth working of ERP tools. It is because the automated reporting results are handy, are available on time, are easy to access and provide clear picture about the status of Business functions.

Effective executive reporting & Analytic dashboards for large enterprises: To address this, we will provide a small workgroup of analysts who will be responsible for pulling together all of the information that is needed by the VPs and CLO, translating it into simple and digestible language and then using SAP to create the dashboard. In addition to developing the reporting, we will also develop an analytic research capability, putting the company in a position to make more data-driven decisions.


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