Frank is the Business Controller at Unicorn Corp, who reports to a Group President, and his role is to collect reports, data, and progress of key measurables or KPIs and then summarise and prepare Management dashboards/reports for Management Reviews. Unfortunately, he has become one of the most frustrated employees because every month he spends sleepless nights in compiling and drafting with aligning templates etc. Moreover, he frequently makes multiple telephone calls and sending SMS? The worst part is that sometimes people submit reports at the last minute which leads to errors and mistakes.


His boss wants him to create a report and summary for Management Reviews in order for management to have a broader view on how the businesses are performing. Frank has found it very hard to meet this objective as he often has no reports from people/ departments who fail to submit information at all. He sometimes spends hours on end calling their offices, sending them e-mails, and even texting them in order to get information that he needs for these reviews that are due in only a few days’ time. To make matters worse, sometimes when reports arrive late it means there is less time for him to check them over and organise them neatly before sending them off.

For Frank and many like him, the tedium of compiling, preparing and filing reports and data can be overwhelming. Yet the data is necessary for accurate reporting, management decision making and financial planning.


PrimPlus helped him generate the report download them as PDFs and submit the reports to management.


Primaplus prepares a complete financial plan for your business. It helps you to develop a system that allows you to accurately track the progress of your financial plans. The system tells you whether or not your company is achieving its targets and if necessary, assists in adjusting the plan if it is going off track. Primaplus provides a visual representation of your goals and strategies, allowing you to monitor progress with ease.


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