Business Plan

Design & build a compelling Business Plan


Strategic Objective

Set Priorities & Direction end to end based on SWOT


Action Plan

Action Plan to meet Objectives & Goals, Accountability, Hosinkanri approach


KPI Tracker

Track Lead Performance KPIs, Watched & Controlled KPIs

PrimaPlus – A Differentiator

  • PrimaPlus is easy to understand and implement
  • PrimaPlus helps drafting Strategies, Action plans and  KPI’s linking to functions and individuals
  • PrimaPlus provides end-to-end solution
  • Real time anytime, anywhere
  • Fixes accountability at all levels
  • Generates Dashboards, Reports and provides reminders and escalation as needed

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Grip on Business

Realtime, Anywhere Anytime, Customised, Top to Bottom, Holistic Approach


Security And Protection

Secured, Cloud-based, Password Protected, Access Control, Functional and Departmental Control


For Busy Entrepreneurs

All in one place – Strategy, Action Plan, KPI, Realtime, Dashboard, Escalation and Reminders

SWOT Analysis

  • SWOT analysis of your organization

  • Plan based on last year reflections

  • Take cognisance of any emerging Trend

Business Plan Dashboard

  • Get Status at a glance – All in one place

  • Business objectives, initiatives and action plan

  • Details – Unit wise/ Function wise/ Level wise

KPI Tracker

  • All kPIs in one place – Identify Lead KPIs

  • Hoshin Kanri approach, Fix Accountability

  • Compare KPI, Get Graphical representation, Real time

Status Action Plan

  • Cascade Action Plan to team and Individual level

  • Link All activities Top to Bottom

  • Action Plan link to KPIs


  • Smart Dashboarding

  • Reminders and Escalations

  • User friendly Depiction and setting

Strategy Map

  • Strategy map and status at a glance

  • Strategic initiative objective and action plan relation

  • Progress status Dashboard

Why PrimaPlus?

  • PrimaPlus is design and developed by expert from industries coma experienced it Consultants working with top companies and fortune 500 companies.
  • PrimaPlus is easily configurable and can be deployed in small to medium to large enterprises with same ease.
  • PrimaPlus step-by-step approach helps implement it in a faster way
  • In primer plus you get a common place to map your Business goals,  Strategic initiatives, Action plans & KPIs, Reports and Dashboards
  • PrimaPlus experts will help your company to deploy PrimaPlus in a successful manner

Implementation Approach

PrimaPlus offers simple steps for implementation

  • Dipstick check and gap assessment

  • Leadership Onboarding

  • Workshop with function and stakeholders

  • Training and hand holding

  • Migration and Implementation

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