The exponential growth of data volumes, types, and compliance requirements have outpaced businesses’ abilities to manage it efficiently.

The old e-Discovery adage of finding the needle in the haystack is no longer operable- there are too many haystacks and they’ve grown too large.

We’ve reduced the multiple, oversized ‘haystacks’ to a single haystack—and improved it to make laser-targeted search faster, more accurate and cheaper.


4iG continuously organizes enterprise data in a single, unified repository, while artificial intelligence identifies, and categorizes it into meaningfully defined relationships – people, places, ideas, connections, while helping keep sensitive information secure.

Let Us Show You How It Works

Dynamic Data Repository

Connect enterprise data and systems including cloud and on-premises applicaitons such as G Suite, Office 365, File Shares, & SharePoint sites.

Early Data Assessment

Take advantage of AI based searching to gain insights into your data and quickly identify and filter relevant data for your matter.

Secure PII

Identify all PII and other sensitive information. Reporting allows you to quickly identify the presence of such information & protect it if needed.


Review integrated platorms such as Relativity or customize your export to include your data and documents for your preferred platorm.


Search Transformed

4iG enables organizations to defensibly eliminate non-relevant data. The data  volumes are  reduced substantially which speeds up response time frames while substantially  reducing   down   stream   review   time   and   cost.

Your timing at the notification of a  matter is immediate. Your collection is targeted,  and  you  can   export   relevant  documents   for   review   while reducing  the risk  of exposing  PII  data  or  other sensitive  data before it leaves your enterprise.

What You Gain

Understand Your Data, Real Time Monitoring

Understand Your Data, Real Time Monitoring

By leveraging an active, unified repository, 4iG provides unprecedented visibility and control over enterprise data: where & how it‘s stored, who owns it, and what it’s about. 4iG helps cut through the noise in your data so you can understand it and monitor it in real time.

Remove Risk of Exposing PII & Other Sensitive Informations

Remove Risk of Exposing PII & Other Sensitive Informations

4iG enables Privacy by Design. 4iG’s first-of-kind features include detection of PI, PHI or other sensitive information and enables direct, mass redactions, and anonymization within native documents.

Dramatically Reduce Time and Costs

Dramatically Reduce Time and Costs

The AI-powered features of 4iG dramatically enhance search speed, identification, and accuracy of insights to a degree that substantially impact time and cost,

Simple Sophistications-Cloud or On-Premise

Simple Sophistications-Cloud or On-Premise

4iG’s sophistication and technological advancement is illustrated by its simplicity and ease-of-use, not its complexity. It is optimized for cloud and on-premise applications, and it’s so intuitive that non-specialized staff can utilize the software.

We have simplified data collections.

4iG helps you find and collect relevant information in real-time.


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